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2012/12/12  English


1. 終止傷害與將陰陽人“正常化”的醫療,如生殖器手術、心理治療與其他的醫療,包括殺
2. 在接受任何醫療處置與協議前,確保讓陰陽人本人

3. 創建和促進陰陽人及其家庭和處境一個支持、安全與可歡慶的環境。
4. 鑑於確保陰陽兒的身體完整和健康,應提供陰陽兒及其父母、家人或照顧者心理社會的支持、非病理性的同儕支持,而非外科手術或其他醫療,除非無醫療
5. 給予陰陽人完整的人權和公民權。
6. 給予陰陽人能夠取得自身所有醫療記錄和文件,以及了解自身真相的權利。
7. 承認並糾正過去所造成的苦難和不公。


1. 聯合國將陰陽人人權納入其人權委員會

2. 世界各區域與國家的人權組織將陰陽人人權納入其工作之中,並呼籲其所在區域與政府組織的肯定。
3. 人權組織和LGBTI組織在其人權議題納入陰陽人,讓陰陽人能夠取得可見性。
4. 陰陽人朋友們與陰陽人運動連結以增加陰陽人能見度。

最後,此次論壇呼籲ILGA(國際女同性戀,男同性戀,雙性戀,跨性別及陰陽人協會)目前聚集在瑞典斯德哥爾摩2012 ILGA世界大會的會員們支持在ILGA架構下建立一個陰陽人的秘書處。


中文翻譯 : 本次論壇亞洲代表 國際陰陽人組中文版(Oii-Chinese)創辦人 丘愛芝
照片攝影 : Del LaGrace Volcano, Pidgeon Pagonis

The Second International Intersex Forum concluded

Between 9-11 December 2012, the second International Intersex Forum took place in Stockholm. This event brought together 37 activists representing 33 intersex organisations and supportive institutions from all continents.

The Forum agreed to affirm the principles of the first International Intersex Forum and extended the demands aiming to end discrimination against intersex people and to ensure the right of bodily integrity and self-determination:

  • To put an end to mutilating and ‘normalising’ practices such as genital surgeries, psychological and other medical treatments, including infanticide and selective abortion (on the grounds of intersex).
  • To ensure that the personal, free, prior, and fully informed consent of the intersex individual is a compulsory requirement in all medical practices and protocols.
  • Creating and facilitating supportive, safe and celebratory environments for intersex people, their families and surroundings.
  • In view of ensuring the bodily integrity and health of the intersex child, psycho-social support and non-pathologising peer support be provided to parents and/or care providers and the child`s immediate family instead of surgical or other medical treatment unless such interventions are live-saving.
  • The provision of all human rights and citizenship rights to intersex people.
  • The provision of access to one`s own medical records and any documentation, and the affirmation of the intersex person`s right to truth.
  • The acknowledgement and redress of the suffering and injustice caused in the past.

In view of the above the Forum calls on:

  • The United Nations to take on board intersex rights in its human rights work. Find the open letter to the UN Commissioner for Human Rights here.
  • Other regional and national human rights institutions to address the human rights of intersex people in their work and in turn call on their respective governments/institutions to affirm them.
  • Human rights organisations and LGBTI specific organisations to give visibility and inclusion to intersex people and their human rights concerns.
  • Intersex people to link up to the intersex movement and help it become more visible. 

The Forum thanks the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe for its engagement with the Forum and calls on it to fulfil its intentions to address intersex rights in its work.

Finally the Forum calls on the members of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association currently gathered in Stockholm for the ILGA World Conference 2012 to support the creation of an Intersex Secretariat with the ILGA structure.