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OII 使命

  1. Campaign in favour of human rights for the intersexed.
  2. Encourage an exchange of ideas and different perspectives about intersex from various groups and geographical regions.
  3. Provide information concerning actual life experiences of people with intersex variations to medical personnel working with infants with atypical sex anatomy, to psychological experts, sexologists, sociologists and specialists in feminism.
  4. To assist families and friends of intersexed individuals to understand intersexuality and to cope with the specific problems related to the role as a support person.

  1. 致力改善陰陽人人權
  2. 鼓勵不同地區不同組織之陰陽人交流不同想法與觀點
  3. 提供多樣的陰陽人真實生活經驗給接引非典型性生理嬰兒的相關醫療工作者、心理學家、性學家、社會學家與女性主義專家
  4. 幫助陰陽人的家人朋友瞭解陰陽人,以便在特定的問題上能夠扮演支持者的角色。