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我們反對所有非經雙方同意的、非醫療必要的新生兒正常化治療,贊成所有intersex孩童有權利決定自己的性別身份(sex identity)一旦他們有能力與我們溝通。更進一步,我們建議父母尊重孩子的性別身份,只處理需要處理的部分,讓孩子能夠根據自己的決定生活。


所以,我們致力於改變目前非經雙方同意的正常化治療醫療典範,並且反對將自覺性別被指定錯誤的intersex診斷為性別焦慮症或性別認同障礙(GID Gender Identity Disorder )。OII肯定孩子真正的性別是由自己內在的心理認知所決定。並且肯定每個intersex朋友都有權力不受醫療或政府的介入決定自己的性別,是一種基本的人權。 
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OUR societies have accepted a binary construct between male and female which does not reflect Nature and the enormous variety of possible sexes which overlap one another in various gradations on a spectrum with male at one end and female at the other.
The arbitrary division of biological sex into only two categories makes all sex assignments of an individual problematic.
Neither the genitalia nor the chromosomes help one determine the “true” sex of an infant.
The gonads, hormones and the internal reproductive organs of the infant are also not reliable indicators for determining conclusively the sex of a child.
Each child is born with a unique combination of all these factors and the different possible combinations are very numerous, making all sex assignments of infants a mere conjecture.
We campaign against all non-consensual normalization treatments of infants that are not medically necessary and favor the right of all intersex children to determine their own sex identity once they are capable of communicating it to us.
Furthermore, we advise parents to respect the sex identity of their children and to do all that is necessary so that their children can live according to their choice.
Once the child has communicated clearly their own sex identity, it is crucial that the child’s identity be respected both by the parents, physicians and therapists who are caring for the child.
All steps should be taken to respect the child’s own sense of self by being given access to all health care necessary to facilitate life in the sex the child considers most appropriate.
Therefore, we are campaigning in favor of changing the current medical paradigm concerning non-consensual normalization treatments and against the diagnosis of gender dysphoria or GID in intersex individuals who feel they were assigned the wrong sex.
OII affirms that the true sex of the child is determined by their own inner psychological perceptions and that the right of individual intersex persons to affirm their own sex without medical or governmental interference should be a basic human right.

 論第三性 On a Third Sex                                                                                                                                   將intersex創造成一個新的性別類別是有問題的。首先,關於如何定義陰陽人(intersexuality)OII相信這永遠都不會有一個清楚的定義,而且一個法定的定義也是不必要的。我們也沒有對男人或女人有清楚的定義,我們只是就這樣認為。



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THE idea of creating a new sex category to be designated “intersex” poses several problems.

First of all, how do we define intersex? OII believes that there will be never a clear definition and at the same time, that it is not necessary to have a legal definition for intersex. We have no clear definitions for what a woman is or a man is. We only assume this to be the case.

The purpose of OII is to work in favor of human rights for intersex by helping people to understand that there are not just two pre-existing sexes. There is an infinite combination of possibilities on the spectrum of sex and gender.

The creation of a specific category for intersex risks, even more, marginalization of a group which is poorly understood. We base our legal arguments on the right of every person to determine her/his own identity in the binary system in the hope that eventually there would be no attempt to impose legal sex categories on anyone.