Declaration of Fundamental Principles

  • Intersex is not a medical condition: intersex refers to those individuals born of intermediate sex between what is considered standard for male or female in our societies.

  • Contrary to what is often asserted, the various degrees of intersex are not innately an illness or deformity. They are simply variations of the human body similar to the length of the nose, the colour of eyes, etc.
  • We reject medical categories for the various degrees of intersex, which are in fact only different reference points on a natural continuum of anatomical and genetic variations.
  • We stress the whole person from infancy through adulthood and choose not to focus on an individual's genitalia. We are people, not genitals. As people, we have a right to our own genitalia and our own identity without interference, forced treatment or other coercion from legal and/or medical authorities.

  • The basic problems faced by the intersexed are socio-cultural in nature and not medical and are a result of the dogmatic fundamentalism inherent in the current binary construct of sex and gender. Some intersexed individuals are subjected to genital mutilation in childhood as a result of this totalitarian, sexist oppression. For this reason, we denounce all forms of sexism prevalent in our societies, which is principally directed against women, the intersexed, and other communities which challenge sex and gender norms.
  • To promote visibility and the recognition of our existence as a normal and natural part of humanity will benefit not only the intersexed but all people oppressed by the sexism which prevails in our societies.


  • 陰陽人不是醫學狀況:陰陽人是指天生生理性徵居於目前社會所認為的標準性別男或女之間的人。

  • 不同於經常所指稱的,各種不一樣的陰陽人並非天生是一種疾病或殘缺。而是類似於鼻子的長短與眼睛的顏色一樣,僅是人類身體差異的一部分。

  • 我們拒絕醫學將陰陽人分成各種各樣的類別,事實上這只是解剖學上與基因學上一種自然連續的不同參照點。

  • 我們強調從嬰兒期一直到成人的全人觀,而非僅選擇聚焦在個人的生殖器上。我們是人,不只是生殖器。作為一個人,我們有權力在不被介入、不被強迫治療或不被其他來自法律或醫學權威的壓迫下擁有生殖器與身份。
  • 這個陰陽人必須面對的基本問題的本質是社會文化而非醫療,是承繼自目前二元化性別建構的基本教條主義的結果。有些陰陽人之所以主張於幼兒時期即行生殖器切除術便是受此一極權主義與男性至上主義壓迫的結果。因此,我們譴責各社會中所有形式的性別歧視,這些性別歧視即是對女性陰陽人及其他挑戰性與性別典範的社群主要的反動。

  • 我們致力於提倡我們做為人類正常與自然的一部分存在的被認可與被看見,不僅嘉惠陰陽人,同時也將有助於那些在我們的社會當中受性別歧視(sexism)所壓迫的所有人們。