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OII 謝絕"矯正"陰陽人的論述



No Normalization Zone

OII respects opinions from different intersexed people and groups. You will most likely find opinions and ideas on our site which are controversial. However, we in the intersex community have been so normalised against our consent that we feel any attempt to "normalise" the opinions and expression of those in the intersex community would only further damage us as a community. Therefore, people are allowed to be controversial, to disagree, to simply be themselves and state how they feel about intersex without worrying who might take offense, including other members of OII. We also invite intersex perspectives on controversial topics and issues such as sexuality, religion, politics and other issues. We want visitors to see the diversity within the intersex community, and invite our allies to look for those of us whom they feel comfortable with and join us as part of our movement for human rights. If you don't like what one person says here, just look a little further and another intersex person will probably be on your wavelength.

Our Policy:

No NORMALISATION of views or expression. No intersex voices censured here, even those which might be hard to understand or objectionable to some people. Help us to Stop The Harm through sharing and education.